Spoken from the heart.



"The chapel will always remain as one of the most peaceful and wonderful places that I have been in my life. My wedding was perfect there and it is such a joyous place. I am sure we will visit often.

Thank you for watching over and keeping such a sacred place for others to share."

Julie and Thomas Wood


"In over twenty years of performing wedding ceremonies, Victorian Valley Chapel has become my favorite venue. I particularly appreciate the acoustics, which are excellent, both for music and as a sounding box for the human voice. It's an easy room to fill. I love the spare elegant beauty of the design, a classic new england church, carefully reconstructed. The valley itself is precious."

Francis Racey


“I have had the unique pleasure of officiating weddings at the Chapel for over 10 years. The simple yet elegant beauty of the Chapel and grounds adds so much to a wedding ceremony no matter how many or few are present. Any time of year the Chapel has its own unique ambience that blesses everyone who enters, leaving cherished memories to savor for years to come. Thank you for making this very special place available for so many to enjoy”.

Nancy Southern, Minister